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    7 Sensational Activities for Teaching Colors

    Let’s go beyond the color of the week with these amazing activities for teaching colors! Here are seven of my favorite ways to teach colors to preschoolers! Activities for Teaching Colors Using Paint Chip Cards Paint chip cards offer numerous ways to teach colors to your students. The best part about using paint cards is they’re readily available, abundant, and FREE! First, go to your neighborhood Lowe’s, Home Depot, or any hardware store. Next, introduce yourself to the paint department clerk and explain you’re a teacher. Tell them you need their help teaching colors to your preschool class. Then, ask for a stack of paint chip cards. At this point,…

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    Organization,  Small Groups

    Teaching a Small Group Lesson

    You’ve organized your small group supplies, pinpointed the skill you want to work on, and decided how to group your students. Now it’s time for teaching a small group lesson! Planning a Small Group Lesson Small groups are a personal, more intimate way to teach so start the planning process by considering the needs of each student in the group.  Ask yourself these questions as you plan: Do I need to reteach something first? Is there a skill the children need BEFORE I teach this lesson? Will all groups be doing the same activity but on different levels? What book, game, or song might be a good introduction to the…

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    Organization,  Small Groups

    Organizing Small Groups Supplies

    You’ve set up the small group area and now you need to figure out how to make it functional! What do you need and where does it go? Find the solution with my system for organizing small groups supplies! Small Group Supplies for the Teacher A ten-drawer rainbow cart in the small group area is a teacher’s best friend! It doesn’t take up too much space but holds a ton of stuff. First, dedicate a drawer for your teacher supplies. This drawer can house scissors, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, tape, and more.  Having these items within reach when you’re doing small groups is more efficient than getting up and walking…