I Teach K

What Happened NEXT in Vegas?

Day 2 of I TEACH K  has to be one of my most favorite days…EVER!
My sessions included
so you know it was an incredible day!
Kim presented a brand new session “Wacky Wonderful World of Words Mini Lessons”. 
She also sported one of the precious Show & Tell Aprons from Kinder-gardening 
and gave us more ideas for using it in the classroom.  I’m so glad I ordered mine! 
Kim’s presentation focused on the concept of a Reader’s Tool Box and how she teaches sight words.  This session was full of strategies I know I can easily implement in my class. 

Next up was Heidi Butkus‘ session to help at-risk kinders meet the standards. 
I’ve read Heidi’s blog for awhile and was familiar with her letter & sight word songs,
but this was my first time to actually meet her.  I’m really fan now!

Heidi shared the importance of using simultaneous multisensory techniques. 
What that basically means is that children will learn best by hearing, seeing, saying, and doing! 
Well, isn’t that’s quite the concept.  We all know that but it’s still  
something we all need to be reminded of and something we need to plan for in our lessons.

Heidi’s session was packed with simple ideas to teach kids letters & sight words. 
How basic is this?  Yet I’m pretty sure I don’t always do it!

 Doesn’t it make sense that children will learn the letter best if they see it while they’re singing it?
My afternoon was especially inspiring due to the enthusiasm & experience of
Kathleen presented one idea after another to get your school day started on a positive note. 
Here are a few slides she shared showing some of her Greeting activities.  Can’t wait to try them! 

Kathleen also spoke about her morning work, daily jobs, Morning Meeting, and her calendar.  
I’ve been pleased with my morning routines but after seeing Kathleen…
I know there are MANY things I can change, tweak, and improve!
And one session wasn’t enough! 
I also attended Kathleen’s “Independent & Proud of It” Learning Centers workshop!
Not only did Kathleen talk about great activities for your students to work on like these…

but she also stressed the importance of teaching these skills BEFORE you begin independent centers:
  • how to roll a dice
  • how to use a BINGO bopper
  • how to use glue
  • how to use a dry erase marker
  • where to put finished center papers
  • how to solve a problem
  • how to clean up centers
I hope you’re enjoying reading my experiences at the conference. I feel like I could go on and on about it.  I’ve already written two long posts but there’s even more.  I still haven’t shared what I learned from Kim Jordano in her Bookmaking session so I want to come back to do that.   Honestly, I really want the teachers who weren’t able to attend I Teach K to feel like they WERE there. I hope by sharing my story, nobody feels like they missed out on anything.
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