Books You Can Count On

Books aren’t just for reading!

The Books You Can Count On workshop will prompt you to see how your favorite classroom books are so much more than just language & literacy.   By using the classic books you and your students treasure, in this workshop you’ll discover ways to integrate children’s literature while achieving your Mathematics standards. 

Teachers will gather ideas for number recognition, number sets, more than/less than, one-to-one correspondence, graphing, measuring, sorting, shapes, and more!

Books You Can Count On will offer dozens of math extension activities for large group during circle time, small groups who are Learning at the Teacher Table, and students working in independent centers.

You’ll find plenty of inspiration in Books You Can Count On so you can return to the classroom with ready to use and easy to implement ideas!

Here are a few photos from the Books You Can Count On workshop!

Counting pepperonis on felt pizzas is the perfect math activity after reading “Hi, Pizza Man!” and “Pete’s a Pizza”. 

Children always enjoy the cute story of “Mouse Count”. 

Playing Roll-Write-Draw is a fun follow-up activity, too!

Students beg to play Pocket Chart Find-It games! They know it’s fun but teachers know everyone is learning, too! 

Play “Find the Pancake” when you read “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” to the class!

Using seasonal and holiday books is part of the appeal of Books You Can Count On! During those busy times of the school year, it’s often a challenge to fit everything into the school day. In the workshop, I’ll inspire you to integrate the books you read with the math skills you are working on. 

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