Transition Toolbox

Transition Toolbox will inspire you to establish, plan, and teach transitions to effectively manage your classroom.  From morning bell to afternoon dismissal, in this workshop you learn how to fill your teacher toolbox with all the essentials for success!

Time spent between activities is often unproductive and leads to chaos.  Promote success in your classroom by using the “tools” from Transition Toolbox to capture your students’ attention and easily move through the preschool day.

Attention Grabbers… Gear Changers… Time Fillers…

It’s all in your Transition Toolbox!

Here are a few of the tools workshop participants learn they need to keep in their Transition Toolbox to ensure successful transitions throughout the day! 

Teachers praise the Transition Toolbox workshop for the songs and games, cheers and chants, dozens of quick activities that are ready to use in their preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten classrooms!

The Listen and Count Jar is always one of the favorite things teachers discover at a Transition Toolbox workshop.

Not only is it easy to make, but students are engaged and learning during transition times!

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Transition Toolbox workshop?