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Organizing Small Groups Supplies

You’ve set up the small group area and now you need to figure out how to make it functional! What do you need and where does it go? Find the solution with my system for organizing small groups supplies!

Small Group Supplies for the Teacher

A ten-drawer rainbow cart in the small group area is a teacher’s best friend! It doesn’t take up too much space but holds a ton of stuff.

First, dedicate a drawer for your teacher supplies. This drawer can house scissors, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, tape, and more. 

small group teacher supplies

Having these items within reach when you’re doing small groups is more efficient than getting up and walking across the classroom for whatever you need. Also, be sure to put a class list in this drawer. Use the list for checking off who has been to the table or to jot quick notes about a student’s progress. You’ll be surprised how often the class list comes in handy.

More Essential Small Group Supplies

The second drawer has several whiteboards, dry erase markers, and erasers. If you don’t have whiteboard erasers, you can cut a piece of black felt into fourths and use it to clean the boards. 

small group supplies

I like to keep a set of bowls and trays with my small group supplies. You could put them in one of the drawers but I keep mine on top of the cart. Use the bowls and trays for activity cards, small manipulatives for math or alphabet tasks, and puzzle pieces.  These organizers are perfect for keeping things on the table instead of rolling onto the floor.

organizing small groups

Organizing Small Groups Games

Playing games is one of my favorite things to do at the Teacher Table! And one of the most useful drawers in this organization system is for storing gameboards like these.

small group games

You can also keep boxed BINGO games & game markers in there, too. Don’t forget to put in dice, game tokens, and spinners. Now, you’ll always be prepared for game time!

Small Group Supplies for Literacy

How many sets of flash cards do you have? If you’re like most teachers, the answer is definitely more than one! To keep those cards organized and ready to use, punch a single hole in the corner. Then put the cards on a book ring. Flash card rings are a lifesaver in small groups!

flash card rings

Next is a drawer for storing your alphabet manipulatives. I always have several sets of letter magnets for small group activities. These get used a lot! This drawer can also keep other favorites like letter cubes, tiles, or alphabet beads convenient for students to use.

magnetic letters

Poetry Journals are an engaging literacy activity for small groups! Young children love to illustrate the monthly poems they’ve been learning at circle time. Use a drawer to hold the journals or you can put them in a storage tub and keep it on top of the cart. 

poetry journal

Organizing Small Groups Essentials for Teaching Colors & Shapes

The purpose of this drawer is to keep all your resources for colors and shapes organized and easy to find. Matching games, pocket chart activities, and sorting tasks can go here. 

small group games 2

Small Group Supplies for Math

When you’re teaching math concepts at the Teacher Table, you’ll use these three drawers on a regular basis.  The first drawer is for Number Counting Mats. Be sure to download your FREE set here! Just print on colored paper, laminate, and grab your favorite math counters for a fun math session! Counting mats 1-20 are a must for small groups. They are a great warm-up activity and can be differentiated for students who are working on various math skills.

counting mats

Next is the drawer for Ten Frame cards. Like the counting mats, you’ll find yourself using these often for math lessons. Print a few sets so several students can work on counting at the small group table.

ten frames for small groups

Lastly, use a drawer for math counters. From buttons and cubes to bears and links, having math manipulatives in your small group area is a must! And remember, you don’t need the whole bucket of counters for a small group of 2 to 6 students.

organizing small groups

Teacher Cart for Organizing Small Groups

Have fun setting up your small group area and organizing all your essential supplies! You’ll know where everything is and will look forward to having students come to your Teacher Table!

organizing small groups

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