Alphabet Sense

See, Hear, Smell, Taste, and Touch your way through the Alphabet!

Alphabet Sense will help you discover ways to integrate fun sensory experiences while you teach the Alphabet and achieve your Language & Literacy standards.  

In the Alphabet Sense workshop, you’ll collect activities that use a child’s five senses as they learn. Ideas will be shared for large group circle time, small groups when the class is Learning at the Teacher Table, and independent centers when students are working alone or with a partner. 

Alphabet Sense is jam-packed and fast-paced.  You’ll return to the classroom with tons of new ideas and plenty of inspiration to teach your students their ABC’s!

Here are a few photos showing some ideas from the Alphabet Sense workshop!

Put common objects in the Letter Bag and give students clues about what’s inside. Not only are they learning about the alphabet but they’re working on listening skills and developing vocabulary, too.

Teach the Alphabet using the sense of touch with this interesting Letter Sensory Tub. It’s filled with colorful craft jewels and Scrabble letter tiles!


Matching uppercase & lowercase letters is fun when you play Letter Salad! Even picky eaters might try a bite of real salad after playing this alphabet game!

The Letter Muncher likes to gobble up letters and sounds! It’s the perfect activity for a pair of children to play together during center time. They simply name the letter on the flashcard and then “feed” it to the Letter Muncher. You can also play with magnetic letters or letter tiles. 

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