Christmas,  Target Tuesday

Target Thursday

I promise I’m NOT skipping over Thanksgiving but here’s a look at some Christmas holiday goodies you’ll find right now at Target!

Stacks and stacks of these cute metal buckets are in Bulleye’s Playground!  I put them in my sensory tub and use at the Teacher Table to hold various cards/game pieces during the holidays. 
If you’ve missed out before on the wooden food sets, hurry and grab these pizzas and fruits & vegetables before they’re gone!  I already have similar ones so I passed them up but they’re ideal for the preschool classroom. Sturdy, colorful, and fun!
So what did I buy? 
Adorable wooden houses!  This Gingerbread House will be great for hiding sight word cards at the Writing Center while the Santa’s Workshop will be a perfect addition to our classroom Santa’s Workshop/Toy Store dramatic play center!


I also picked up this set of wooden figures to go in the houses. 
Look!  It’s a Jingle Bell BINGO game! Won’t this be great for your holiday classroom party or when you simply need a 5 or 10 minute time filler! 
Looks like there’s several ways to play and the cards are a firm cardboard so it should hold up fairly well with preschoolers.
One final thing from my quick shopping trip…Indoor Snowballs
These are big!  Actually, they’re HUGE!
Ten to a package and better than using cotton balls or pom poms for classroom snowball fun!
I’ve heard Target has new holiday themed sets of those mini erasers we all love.  My closest store didn’t have any so looks like I’ll have to go on a search this weekend. 
Happy Shopping everyone!