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The Weather is Wonderful!

Spring is finally here and it’s the perfect time to learn about Weather! These weather theme activities for preschool are some of my favorites!

Weather Wheel

During our Morning Meeting, we always discuss the weather and mark it on our weather chart. I thought the kids would enjoy keeping track of the weather at home so we made a Weather Wheel!
A cheap paper plate is the base of the Weather Wheel and a clothespin marks the day’s weather. So simple but the kids absolutely love them!
To prep, draw lines on the plate dividing it into quarters. Have your students draw a weather picture in each section. We did the basics… sunny, cloudy, rainy, and snowy. Once the drawings are finished, punch a hole in the top, string a piece of yarn or pipe cleaner in it, and attach the clothespin.  That’s it!

Weather Sensory Bin
Our Sensory Table was filled with rainbow colored rice, huge fabric snowballs, snowflake cookie cutters, sunny yellow pom poms, clear glass beads, and rainbow mini erasers! The kids loved digging around in the bin and talking about the weather!

Water Cycle Bracelet

One of the highlights of weather week was making a Water Cycle Bracelet! After reading about rain and the water cycle, we took colored pony beads and sequenced them in order on a pipe cleaner to demonstrate the Water Cycle. 

White bead—the clouds collect tiny drops of water.

Blue bead—raindrops fall from the sky.

Brown bead—rain goes into lakes, rivers, oceans, the ground, and it makes puddles.
Yellow bead—the sun heats up the water.
Clear bead—tiny water droplets rise from the collected water. Some of it completely evaporates and some of the tiny drops are collected in clouds.
The water cycle begins again.
Not only is this a great visual for the students as they start to understand the Water Cycle, but parents absolutely love how much we’re learning at school! 

More Weather Theme Activities for Preschool

Does your class enjoy Write the Room? Mine sure does!

I made a colorful set of weather word cards and “hid” them all around the classroom. Students walked around the room and found the weather cards. Then, they wrote the word on their Write the Room recording sheet. 
Another weather activity we made was this cute Weather Mobile
We made our Weather Mobiles during small groups but students could do the coloring and cutting at morning Table Time
After the weather cards were colored and cut, the kids were ready to assemble the mobile.  To prepare the mobile, I punched six holes along the bottom of a sentence strip. I also cut pipe cleaners in half to use to lace the weather cards. With a little modeling and step by step directions, my students were able to lace their weather cards to hang down from the sentence strip. A quick twist of the pipe cleaner ends secured the cards in place.  The best thing about using pipe cleaners instead of yarn is that it doesn’t tangle!
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Beautiful spring weather and lots of Learning at the Teacher Table made it a great week learning about the weather!