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Weekly Themes for Preschool

One of the first things I do to get ready for a new school year is plan my weekly themes. I love picking out themes for each month and seeing how everything fits together! Having a plan is key to classroom success!

What is a Theme?

A theme is a broad topic to teach your class. It’s a way to organize all the various activities used to meet your preschool learning standards. Themes will guide your lessons by giving it a framework. That framework will allow you to integrate different areas of your curriculum and tie everything together in a neat little package of your weekly theme.

When I’m planning my themes, I first look at the school calendar to see where holidays, early dismissal days, and special events are scheduled. Next, I plug in the themes that are for a specific month. Then, I fill in the rest of the yearly plan with themes which are not seasonal and can be taught at any time.

I primarily spend one week on each theme. Occasionally, there’s a unit I feel I need to extend to two weeks in order to fully cover the topic. Like most teachers, I have my favorite themes I do year after year! I also switch out themes and try new topics, too. 

I’m excited to share my weekly themes for the upcoming school year!

Fall Themes for Preschool

Winter Themes for Preschool

Spring Themes for Preschool

Do you do weekly themes? Or do you prefer to spend a couple of weeks on one topic?

What’s your favorite theme? Have you thought about trying a new theme this year?

And lastly, are you ready to plan your school year?