DIY preschool math activities for spring
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Easy DIY Spring Math Activities for Preschool

Not enough time for crafting your own learning games? Then let your students make them! These spring math activities for preschool are simple do-it-yourself projects your class can help you create! 

Easy Number Sense Activities

Just how easy are these number sense activities?

Well, first of all, everything you need is probably in your supply cabinet.  Second, you won’t have to spend your entire weekend prepping for next week. And finally, your students will be over the moon excited to use all the things they helped make!

watercolor counting mats

These beautiful Counting Mats are my favorite DIY project! Perfect for Spring, Earth Day, or an ocean unit! 

You’ll need white cardstock, blue & green watercolors, and number cards (or a permanent marker to write the numbers). That’s it! Have students completely cover a piece of cardstock with the watercolors. Once the paint has dried, cut the paper in half. Then add your numerals and laminate.

Your class will love using these colorful math mats they made while practicing number recognition and counting sets!

Spring math activities for preschool number puzzles

Grab a stack of colorful index cards, some spring-themed stickers, and have your students make Number Puzzles! I like having the number on one card and the sticker set on another but you can also use a single card and cut it into two puzzle pieces.

DIY ten frames using craft tape

Students will have fun DIY-ing these Ten Frame Cards! Plus, they’ll get a great fine motor workout, too!

Have kids tear or cut pieces of craft tape to create a basic ten frame grid. You can use solid colored tape or a fancy, decorative roll! Laminate the ten frame cards so your preschoolers can use them throughout the spring. 

Cardboard Count & Clip

Chances are you have a stack of cardboard boxes sitting around, right? Use those sturdy cardboard pieces to make Count & Clip Cards!

Count and Clip cards made from cardboard

In advance, cut the cardboard into small pieces. I like to make my cards four inches square but you can decide what size works best for you. Invite students to help you craft the count & clip cards. They can draw the number boxes across the bottom of the cardboard, write numerals, and add stickers for counting. 

To use the cards, students count the stickers and clip a clothespin on the matching number. You can even program these to be self-checking! Add a small dot sticker on the back where the clothespin will be when the correct answer has been clipped!

Using Paper Plates for Math

Paper plates are an economical way to DIY some spring math activities for preschool. Here are two simple ones to add to your small group plans.

Ladybug plates with dots for counting

If you teach an insect unit, then you need a stack of plates with Ladybug Dots to count! See how to make these adorable plates HERE!

counting activity using birthday candles

Kids love birthdays so this Candles on the Cake is a  popular counting game! You’ll need a package of birthday plates and a box of little birthday candles. I bought these at the dollar store but you could also ask families to send in leftover party plates they might have.

Preschoolers will identify the number or number word and then count a set of candles to match. Candles on the Cake will become everyone’s favorite!

More Spring Math Activities for Preschool Small Groups

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Happy Spring!