Monday Made It,  Sight Words

Monday Made It – Spinning & Pointing

Like everyone else, I’ve worked on tons of things this past week…printing/laminating/cutting…center signs…my guided reading binder…eight pages of handouts for a workshop I’m presenting.  Oh, and several loads of laundry! I also have a couple of things to show you for today’s Monday Made It hosted by Tara at 4th Grade Frolics
Here’s a colorful package of cheap paper plates I bought at IKEA.  Cost me a whopping 49 cents!
I knew immediately I could make several center activities using these plates.   

So, I popped a spinner down in the middle to create a basic Spin & Graph game.  I’ll program this one with number stickers (as soon as I can find them in my storage tubs!) and since there were ten plates in the package, I’ll also make several spinning games to practice our sight words.
I went to Michaels for cardstock and a photo storage box Friday afternoon.  I came home with a package of dowels,  cute wood cutouts, and another roll of decorative Washi tape. 
There’s something therapeutic about wrapping the tape around dowels.  Look how cute these little pointers are!  My favorite is the POPCORN one which will be used to find our Popcorn sight words!  Made it from a pack of cardboard coasters I found at Goodwill. When I bought them I had NO idea what I’d use them for but I love how this project turned out!
Today is our Back to School teacher meeting, level meetings, and staff luncheon.  I can’t wait! Hopefully I’ll have pictures later this week of a finished classroom!
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