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Monday Made It – September

Most of us are back in school and can say we’ve somehow “made” it through these first few days.  They are exhausting to say the least.  Here are a few Back to School projects I wanted to share with 4th Grade Frolics September Monday Made It linky party.   

My Poetry Journals are finished!  In fact, the kids have already illustrated their first poem in them and were asking if they could take them home.  They love their Poetry Journals!  I’m loving this new, smaller size journal. I typed up all the monthly poems as well as our Good Morning songs, printed two to a page on legal size paper, cut in half, and bound together in a simple cover.  I made the cover from a cute notepad I found at the teacher store. 

Here’s a picture of the pocket charts which house our monthly Good Morning Song and Poem.  We sing and recite them daily during Morning Meeting so the kids learn them fairly quickly. 

I made new labels for all my Math Center tubs.  I found most of the pictures on the Lakeshore Learning website, clicked to copy, and printed them on my labels.  Anyone else remember the chore of cutting pictures from old catalogs to label your classroom?

Next up is actually my sweet husband’s Monday Made It!  I have the standard Lakeshore teaching easel in my classroom but realized the space underneath was wasted.  Oh sure, there are models of teaching easels you can buy with built in shelves & elaborate racks but they are incredibly expensive.  I described what I needed, asked the hubby if he could built it, and watched him take more measurements than NASA scientists.  Here’s the result…

A wonderful, sturdy shelf underneath my easel!
It’s perfect for storing bins with our center name tags, a box of sentence strips for the Question of the Day, and miscellaneous things I use during Morning Meeting.  I love how we took unused, wasted space and turned it into a storage problem solver in my small classroom!

I’m working on a pennant banner to hang over our hallway art.   In the meantime, the kids created some adorable “Me” dolls and shared a few of their favorite things.  The parents enjoyed trying to guess which doll was made by their child based on the clues!


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