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My Five Senses

My class explored their Five Senses this week and I must admit… it’s one of my favorite units! I’m linking with Doodle Bugs Teaching  to tell you all about it!
I’m pretty proud of the Five Senses Paper Bag Book we made!  I took a little of this & a little of that along with some imagination to come up with the concept.  The kids and parents loved it! 
I started by stacking three brown lunch bags on top of each other. 
I folded them over and punched two holes along the side.
Then I laced a ribbon and tied it to bind the paper bags into a simple book.
Next, I used a few of the Five Senses graphics from here to label the pages of the paper bag book. 
The fun begins as you turn each page to discover a little surprise while you explore the Five Senses!
See the colorful rainbow…
Hear the jingle bell…
Smell the grapes (we used the smelly Mr. Sketch markers!)…
Taste the chocolate (a yummy mini Hershey bar tucked inside the paper bag pocket!)…
Touch the soft fabric…


We squeezed real lemons and made delicious lemonade!  Another crowd pleaser!

We sorted pictures in the pocket chart according to what sense we use.  I found this wonderful FREE set of pictures at the Kindergarten Kindergarten blog. I absolutely love using these real photographs instead of drawings or clip art! 

We sang Dr. Jean’s “Five Senses” song all week!  It’s on her Kiss Your Brain CD.  It’s really easy to learn SEE-HEAR-SMELL-TASTE-TOUCH with Dr. Jean!


We ended our Five Senses week with a fun Taste Test.  We sampled salty pretzels, sweet chocolate chips, and sour Skittles.  We then recorded our favorite taste in our Science Journal.

 What are your favorite Five Senses activities?

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