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Five for Friday-Down on the Farm

Thank goodness it’s Friday and we’re getting a long weekend! 
My class finished our Farm unit and made the CUTEST books that I’m so anxious to share with you! 
For the COVER, each student was given a large red rectangle barn.  They snipped off a triangle shape from the top corners to make the roof of their barn and then cut white strips of construction paper to add details of a barn door.  

Each child cut a body & head, added facial details, and drew legs for their COW page. 

 I’m really LOVING this 5 legged bovine! 
The PIG page was created using three graduated sizes of circles. Templates made from a large dinner plate, bowl, and cup were transformed into the pig’s body, head, and snout.   This feminine piggy looks like she can stand her ground with those big sturdy legs! 

 Our ROOSTER page reinforced reading color words as we watercolored this farm favorite.
The boys and girls got a big laugh out of tracing their shoes as the shape for the HORSE‘s head! 
Pretty white SHEEP were easily painted with little fingers.
These whimsical FARM books were a wonderful way to review several sight words and to give the children more opportunities in following step-by-step directions.    They’re sure to be a hit with our Young 5’s preschool families, too!
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