Tops & Bottoms

Here’s a little riddle for you…
  • I have a great moral found within my story. 
  • I am filled with gorgeous illustrations. 
  • I tie in nicely with farming and harvesting units.  
  • I make a fun art project. 
What book am I?
Tops & Bottoms by Janet Stevens is a great read aloud in the fall when you focus on farms, planting, and harvesting crops.  You could also use this book in the springtime when your students are learning about seeds and vegetables.  This book is ideal for kindergarteners and older children but with just a bit of explanation, my class of older 4’s and young 5’s enjoyed it very much as well.

After reading Tops & Bottoms, we created some pretty vegetable prints. 
We had a tray of TOPS such as corn, broccoli, peppers, and green beans.
And a tray of BOTTOMS such as potatoes, radishes, carrots, and mushrooms.
My students loved painting with vegetables.  Especially the ones they don’t like to eat! 
Once our Tops & Bottoms artwork was dry, we displayed them down the hall to create our own little preschool vegetable patch!


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