Five for Friday,  Thanksgiving

Peek at My Week

Here’s a quick peek at my busy conference week! 
Many blogging friends are sharing what they did this week at Doodle Bugs Teaching, too!

For my November door, I displayed an old Scrabble game board!  I hot glued letter tiles which spell words celebrating the Thanksgiving season.  The board is a bit heavy with all those letters so I found the best way to keep it on the door was to attach a long strip of Velcro to the paper on the door and another to the back side of the game board. 

I’ve done these paper plate Pilgrims for a couple of years and I love how they turn out every time! 
Our school invites a local petting farm to visit us every November and it’s one of my favorite days! 
The variety of animals included a goat, pig, rooster, llama, miniature horse, sheep, and, of course, “Gwen” the amazingly beautiful and furry Scottish Highland Cow!
We practiced drawing simple pictures to tell the Thanksgiving story.   
My local Kroger grocery store had Green Giant Vegetables on sale for 38 cents last week! 
These premium cans are usually priced $1.59.  I spent less than $20 and donated 48 cans for the local food pantry in my community. 
Stepping up on my soapbox for just a minute…
Instead of spending $20 next week on your morning coffee…getting a manicure…going to the movies…decide to make a difference and contribute to one of your neighborhood charities.
Have a great weekend and stay warm! 

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  • Amanda

    Great deal on the veggies! I invited my class to help me fill a box for Operation Christmas Child. One student took me up on it. I made my donation to cover the cost of shipping the box online so we can track the boxes and see what country they end up in. Have a great week!

    A Very Curious Class