Five for Friday,  Penguins

Five for Friday Penguin Style

I’m sure your class loves PENGUINS as much as mine does!  What a wonderful time we had learning all about Penguins so  I’m sharing a fantastic Five for Friday Penguin Style with Doodle Bugs Teaching!
We measured ourselves beside a life-size Emperor Penguin!  I sketched the penguin shape on white bulletin board paper, used a thick Sharpie marker to outline and add a few details, and then colored it with crayons. I then mounted the penguin on black paper to make it a little sturdier.  The kids LOVED standing by the Emperor!
Cute little Penguins made from rectangles & squares!  This one was adapted from the TLC Art Lessons which really helps children develop their fine motor skills.  These lessons also aid with improving listening skills and following directions.  It’s a Win Win!
Plenty of playful PENGUINS + blocks of ice = Sensory Table FUN!
 How does a PENGUIN keep warm?
The class got a kick out of our “blubber” experiment.  So easy but yet so meaningful!  I simply put ice cubes in a big plastic bag and let the kids experience the C-O-L-D.  Then we talked about the “blubber” layer a penguin has and how it keeps them warm.  To recreate the “blubber”, I filled a sandwich size baggie with Crisco shortening and placed it on the ice.  Students then took turns putting their hands on the bag of “blubber”.  They quickly realized it was much warmer to have the layer of “blubber” than to touch the ice directly.
The highlight of PENGUIN week for me was seeing King Penguins! Over the long MLK weekend, I travelled to Cincinnati for my son’s hockey tournament and visited the wonderful Cincinnati Zoo! I videoed the morning Penguin Parade and took a ton of pictures to share with my class.  As they oohed and aahed over the cute penguins, students shared fact after fact demonstrating how much they’d learned!
Are you obsessed with Penguins, too?

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