100th Day of School,  Five for Friday

100th Day of School

I’m ready for Friday even though we only had a 3 day school week!   

Let’s join the Five for Friday fun at Doodlebugs Teaching and see how everyone’s week went!

President’s Day Holiday was followed by No School on Tuesday due to a major ice storm.  The roads were clear but so much damage to trees & power lines.  In our school district, there were 22 schools without power Monday evening and most of Tuesday.

Wouldn’t you know that Tuesday was supposed to be our 100th Day of School!  The kids were pretty disappointed because they’ve looked forward to the big day ALL YEAR LONG!  But we celebrated in style when we returned from our Snow Ice Day!

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the floats we made for our 100th Day!  A couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream drenched with Ginger Ale…simple and yummy!

Here’s a display of our 100 Collections we brought in from home!  We had everything from shiny pennies and delicious cereal to sparkly pom poms and colored pencils!  

As I was looking through my pictures, I remembered I wanted to share the display we recently made of a healthy MY PLATE!  The red checkered background is just a flimsy tablecloth I picked up at the Dollar Store.  I cut a really BIG plate from white bulletin board paper and had the kids color in each food section.  Next, we cut food pictures from magazines and grocery store ads and then sorted them into the various food groups.  BIG Display = BIG Impact on the kids! 

Have a great weekend everyone & stay warm! I’ll be busy this weekend putting the final touches on a workshop I’m presenting next week at the annual GA Preschool Conference


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