Five for Friday,  Georgia

Five for Friday: The Peach State

My class has been busy learning about the great state of Georgia…otherwise known as the Peach State!  I’m linking with blogging hostess Kacey for her Five for Friday  to share what we’ve been doing this week!

After reading several books about MAPS, including Joan Sweeney’s Me on the Map, we created maps of our town.  The kids enjoyed adding all the various sights they see on their way to school…including grandma’s house, a gas station, and Target.  The maps are hanging on display in the hall right now but we’ve got plans to put them to good use in the Block center next week. 

Our main project during the Georgia unit was making a book about our state.  I typed up simple text, copied, and bound the pages to create an informational book for each student.  Here’s the cover…

Here are the inside pages!  Lots of photos but I have to share because my kids were REALLY  into coloring their Georgia books and doing their best!  Makes me proud to see how much they’ve matured and how their fine motor skills have developed throughout the school year. 


Much of the wonderful Georgia clip-art I used in the booklet can be found here from the seller Teaches Third in Georgia. 

We concluded our Georgia studies by celebrating with a geographically delicious treat!  I baked a basic sheet cake then decorated it with a map showing the regions of Georgia.

If I ever see a Help Wanted sign for a baking cartographer…I might just apply!

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