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My Craft Room & Office

I’m pleased to join Lucky Little Learners and Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd for their linky party where teachers are talking about their home office spaces!  It’s so much fun to take a peek into everyone’s work area! 

I’m lucky to have two spaces where I can work on school stuff.  First, I’ll take you on a tour of my Craft Room, located in our basement which was already finished when we moved in our house in the fall of 2008.  This windowless room had four white walls, ceramic tile floors, and a ceiling mounted light fixture. Here’s the view from the doorway now…

We purchased  the cabinets unfinished from Lowe’s and my husband installed them.  I painted the cabinets ivory, sanded the edges a bit, and lightly applied an antiquing glaze on top.  The countertop is just a standard laminate…extremely durable and easy to wipe clean.
When we were designing the space, we contemplated putting in a desk-height section for me to sit at but decided the counter-height would be best.  I’m so glad it’s one long countertop to work on versus having two different levels.  The counter-height is perfect!  I usually stand up while I’m doing  most projects but I also have a tall chair from Ballard’s Outlet that’s quite comfortable if I want to sit.
At the end of the counter near the door I have my binding machine (a $5 yard sale treasure!), Cricut, personal laminator, and paper cutter. This area gets lots & lots of use!
The lower corner cabinet door turns inward to reveal a Lazy Susan!  It certainly helps to maximize storage for supplies I don’t use as frequently. 
One of my upper cabinets holds an assortment of cardstock.

Another set of upper cabinets house containers of scrapbooking supplies and various embellishments. I’m amazed how versatile so many of my papercrafting supplies have been when I’m working on things for school.
The tall pantry style cabinet at the far right of the workspace has been a great spot for hiding wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, and boxes.
Above the workspace is where I keep acrylic paints, my hot glue gun, and other craft supplies.
This cabinet holds my scrapbooking magazines, Cricut supplies, and boxes of binding coils.
On the countertop, I keep my Washi/crafting tape, Scrabble tiles, and buttons in several old French jars. The ribbon collection is organized on an antique wooden spice rack.
Odds & ends of ribbons are in these plastic storage jars from Hobby Lobby.  I super-glued them to wooden candle sticks just like I saw on Pinterest.
A few personal touches around the room offer inspiration as I work.  A favorite wedding photo is displayed on the countertop.
My bulletin board has a meaningful assortment of trinkets.
And a wall of framed artwork created by my son when he was in kindergarten and elementary gives the Craft Room a burst of color.
I work in the Craft Room when I’m cutting and laminating TPT products, assembling center activities, making anchor charts, and so on.  Anytime I know I might make a mess, I work in there.  And it’s the perfect workspace anytime I need to leave things out to finish another day.
On our main living level, I have a small office where I do computer projects, lesson planning, and blogging. 
My desk is a huge, sturdy, old fashioned piece of office furniture.  It was purchased over 15 years ago from a church yard sale for $30.
The handcrafted entertainment center was repurposed by adding shelves and now holds my teacher resource books and files. I love how much I can store behind these doors.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my home workspaces!
Thanks for visiting and be sure to look at more teacher offices by clicking here !  

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