Monday Made It,  Teacher Binder

Monday Made It Teacher Binder

One of the best things about summer is Monday Made It, a weekly linky party hosted by 4th Grade Frolics!  Isn’t it funny how we all look forward to summer but then we can’t wait to get busy making things for next year?

My first “Made It” project was updating my Teacher Binder.  You can see the binder I made last summer if you look HERE.  This binder kept me together all year.  I think I held up better than my binder did because it was showing some serious wear & tear.  I loved having everything in one central place so it was time to make a new binder for a new school year!  I cleaned out the old one, printed off my calendars, punched holes in my favorite lesson plan book, and got everything organized!
A new binder and a fresh, new cover… 

My “To Do” list right in the front…
Monthly calendar pages… 

Scope & Sequence
(updating these monthly planning pages is one of the things on my “To Do” list!)
Now that the binder is ready, I can get on with my many other school projects!
On the count of three…1…2…3… please turn your head to the right so you can see the herb markers I made for my garden! Why this picture won’t rotate is a mystery!  Anyway, the little metal chalkboard markers are from Michaels craft store.  I used regular old chalk to write the names of my plants but then it washed away when it rained.  Thought I could just apply some Mod Podge over the chalk to seal it in but when I brushed it on, the letters all wiped away!  I guess I need a spray sealer to do the trick or some of those fancy markers that look like chalk.
My last “Made It” is a yummy one!   I baked nine dozen cookies for the Outreach summer campers to enjoy this week!
 Hope you have a great week!

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  • Becky W

    I am impressed!!! I love your teacher binder! I am determined to be better organized this year! The cookies look YUMMY! That is on my things to do list tomorrow since my oldest is at church camp this week. I hope you have a great summer! Thanks for stopping by Cooking Up Success!

  • *S.Udy*

    I need to update my teacher binder, but I think I'm going to wait on that one. Nine dozen?! I usually lose steam after 1 or 2. I hope those campers enjoy the cookies made with love 🙂
    Simple Insights

  • Amanda

    You look quite organized for next year already! Your little chalkboard markers are awesome; I would have tried Mod Podge too.