Five for Friday

Five for Friday from the Beach

How fun that it’s Friday and all our favorite teacher bloggers are joining with Doodlebugs Teaching for another Five for Friday! I’m blogging from my phone which is about as challenging as your summer should get! If there’s a LINK button, I’m oblivious to it so just be sure you visit to get to the party!

It’s been a beautiful week at the beach where we’ve definitely seen and felt the hot summer sun! Coupled with the extreme humidity, the heat index has been well over 100 each day.
Sand, surf, and the ocean breeze are the only ways you’ll beat the heat…
New Life is Good summer sunshine t-shirt…
It’s a little ways up to Calabash, NC for lunch but worth the drive. Best local shrimp you can imagine in a tiny restaurant caught in a time warp from the ’70s. 
Painter’s Ice Cream, the local favorite, is a real treat after a hot day. It’s another blast from the past. No frills, you just walk up, wait in line, and eat your homemade ice cream on old wooden picnic tables. 
So that’s it for my week! 
Hope yours was a good one, too!

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  • Amanda

    Sounds delightful (minus the humidity!). Walking downtown and getting ice cream on vacation is one of my favorite memories from family vacations. We often vacationed in small costal towns in Maine when we were younger. Enjoy the time you have left at the beach!