Five for Friday,  Thrifty Thursday

Five for Friday – A Week of Thriftiness

There’s always something fun going on at Doodlebugs Teaching! 
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This was my view a few nights this week.  Laminating, cutting, and watching the Braves game!
So what was I working on?  Dramatic play theme packets from Vanessa Levin at Pre-K Pages.  I won a CD with several of  Vanessa’s theme packets when I attended her workshop at a  Georgia Pre-K conference last year.  So glad to have time this summer to finally get everything assembled.  

Vanessa’s packets are a wonderful resource that help to incorporate literacy standards in your dramatic play center.  Click here to see how Vanessa sets up her dramatic play area and some of her theme packets.

I’m storing each packet in a big manila envelope inside my Rubbermaid tubs.  Each month when I switch out the theme of our dramatic play area, it will be quick and easy to grab the packet and other props I need.  Can’t wait to use these!

A great find this week from a local thrift shop!
 Steve Spangler test tube experiment kit with five of the baby soda bottles and a sturdy stand!  One of the experiments was missing but considering I only paid $4 and a similar item is on the Spangler website for $19.99…I’m pretty happy with it!  Always fun to find something new for the Science center!

Another thrifty purchase to brighten up my kitchen window!
Here’s the BEFORE pic…
And the AFTER

I’m just now discovering Washi Tape.  I know. I’m waaaay behind all the latest trends but figuring out some fun ways to use these beautiful little tapes.  Hobby Lobby had a 50% sale this week and I found a few bright colors to use in my Binder.  Click  HERE to read about my Teacher Binder.
I know the sport of cycling and the Tour de France has had it’s share of controversy, drama, and scandal.  But what this picture shows about teamwork, comradery, and determination to the finish is simply amazing to me.   I still don’t understand all the strategies and tactics a team uses in the race but I do understand what this picture says.
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  • Tracy Ledford

    I love dramatic play! It is one of my favorite centers to sneak skills in for my most reluctant learners. Your system for keeping things fresh is brilliant!

  • Erin Murphy

    You're a great thrifty shopper!! It looks like your Dramatic Play center is going to be so amazing this year, can't wait to see pics of it in action! I too will watch TV while cutting yards and yards of laminating, a teacher's life right?? 🙂 I'm so glad to hear you're new to this whole Washi craze!! I am too, and have no idea what to use them for!! I'm going to get a few cheap rolls and see if I can jazz up my brand new Erin Condren Teacher Planner!
    Thank you so much for sharing your 5 with us, it was really great to read them!!

    Kindergarten Dragons