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Monday Made It – Packing & Peaches

I love Mondays!  It’s partly because it’s the day for one of my favorite linky parties, Monday Made It.  But Monday is also a fresh start…a clean slate…the time to get your week off on a good note!

One task this weekend was making copies of the outline for the Books You Can Count On workshop I’m presenting Friday in Tampa.  The outline gives participants an organized spot to jot down notes during the workshop. 
The bigger task I had was to pack everything needed for my presentation.  Oh, and let’s get it all in one suitcase since we’re flying!  

I’m travelling with quite a variety of props…plastic apples, clothespins, mini pocket charts, magic gold beans, and a frying pan! The good news is that everything fit! 

We went to a big farmer’s market over the weekend and found these beauties.  I wish blogs had a smelly feature because these are perfect Georgia peaches and they smell incredible!

I decided to bake two smaller cobblers instead of a gigantic one since we’ll be leaving soon.  I used 8×8 baking dishes and broke the recipe down to divide everything evenly into the two pans.  One to keep and one to give to my sweet friend who is overcoming breast cancer. 

Here’s the cobbler recipe I use which was originally published in Southern Living magazine.  It’s truly a “no fail” recipe and the ideal way to use those summer peaches.  Don’t forget a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top!

I don’t think I’ll have any new “made it’s” to share next Monday but I’m going to blog about the workshop and share my ideas for Books You Can Count On in your classroom this fall! 

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