Apples,  Five for Friday,  Recipe

Five for Friday Apples

Thank goodness it’s Friday!  Thank goodness for Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday!

It’s Apple week in our Young 5’s class…a wonderful kick off for the fall season! 
Our tissue paper apples make me smile! I cut and peeled my contact paper ahead of time and had everything ready to go when the kids walked in Tuesday morning.  Trust me…I learned the hard way how time consuming it is to peel 15 pieces of contact paper while 30 little eyes are watching and waiting. 

Aren’t they beautiful?
What would apple week be without homemade applesauce
Year after year, it’s a huge hit!
Who loves their crockpot?
I sure do!  My husband enjoys cooking and grilling so 95% of our meals are prepared by him.  But every now and then, I throw something in the crockpot and claim I’ve made dinner.   This week I made Sweet & Sour Chicken.  It was easy, affordable, and delicious! 

Click HERE for the recipe!
I met with my wonderful Room Mom one day after school to do some planning and get our calendars in sync.  While we chatted, her daughter sorted, stacked, and paper clipped the papers for next week’s flip book.  I was amazed at her efficiency and it only cost me two stickers! 
I received a very special thank you note this week! 
I can’t decide if I love the flattering drawing the most or the sight words she wrote at the bottom!
It’s just the 17th day of school but this class has already found a special place in my heart!
 Have a great weekend!