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I’m Still Learning at the Teacher Table

Long time, no blogging! 

But I’m back and committed to posting regularly again!

I’m still teaching a Young 5’s half-day preschool class and continue to present professional development workshops for teachers. 

My goal for this blog hasn’t changed either.  My hope is to provide ideas and inspiration for teachers everywhere.

Back in early spring, I taught a session at the annual Georgia Preschool Association conference called Transition Toolbox.


The time between activities is usually unplanned and unproductive leading to classroom craziness! 

I developed my workshop Transition Toolbox to help teachers capture their students’ attention and easily move through the day.

Here are a few tools from the workshop I wanted to share with you!

Toolbox Tip   
Transitions need to be PLANNED…
just like any other activity in your classroom. 


Tools for Clean Up

Give your students a warning clean up is coming soon by having a Countdown from Play to Clean-Up.  When it’s five minutes before clean up, walk around the room and say “Five more minutes to play”. Give another countdown at the three minute mark and then again when there’s one minute to play. When it’s clean up time, sing one of these songs as the children start to put away their toys.

    (tune Skip to My Lou)
I can clean quietly, how about you?
I can clean quietly, how about you?
I can clean quietly, how about you?
How about you, my darling?
    (tune Farmer in the Dell)
A helper I will be.  A helper I will be.
There’s work to do. There’s work to do.
A helper I will be.
Spotlight on a Super Cleaner
Use a flashlight to “shine” on children who are participating in the clean-up!
Toolbox Tip 

Always be ready for the next activity. 
Have everything you’ll need prepped
and ready to go!
Tools for Lining Up
*If you are a girl, you may line up.
*If you are wearing red, you may line up.
*If you’re sitting on the carpet, you may line up.
*If your name starts with the letter “C”, you may line up.
*If your birthday is in September, you may line up.
Line Up song (tune Jingle Bells)
Let’s line up, let’s line up, quick as 1…2…3!
Come and make a nice straight line
Right here in front of me!

Toolbox Tip    
Establish and teach transitions
so your students will know what to do next. 


End of the Day Tools
 What do you say?
 What was your favorite thing today?
Sing a Goodbye Song 
   (tune Good Night Ladies)
We had a good day, we had a good day.
We had a good day, a good day here at school.
See you tomorrow, see you tomorrow. 
Tomorrow here at school! 
Later this week I am presenting one of my favorite workshops called Alphabet Sense.
I’ll be back with lots of suggestions for teaching your students the alphabet using all five senses!
Thank you so much for Learning at the Teacher Table with me!