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Letter Salad Alphabet Game

Your students will love tossing letters and sounds in the Letter Salad alphabet game! Letter Salad is a fun way to practice and learn!

Letter Salad is a unique sensory experience where students look for specific letters, match uppercase & lowercase, identify letter sounds, and record their findings.  It’s a great small group activity for preschool and kindergarten students. I like to place the Letter Salad alphabet game in the dramatic play center once my students are familiar with how to play. They will enjoy tossing the salad cards as they master letters! Trust me, your students will ask to make salad over and over!
Here’s a list of what you need for setting up the Letter Salad alphabet game in your classroom: 
  • large bowl or plastic storage tub
  • green crepe paper or green tissue paper (torn into pieces) or green Easter grass for your “lettuce”.  You can also use a combination of light green and dark green papers for a mixed green salad!
  • pair of tongs
  • small plastic bowls
  • Letter Salad Alphabet Game cards and recording sheet
You choose how many letter cards to put in your large salad bowl.  I typically have students working on matching 4 to 6 sets of letters at a time but your kids may need more or less depending on their skill level. Letter Salad is very easy to differentiate for your students.
For beginning learners, you could simply put in a few of the uppercase letter cards.  Have a student name the letter as they use the tongs to add each letter card to their salad bowl.
Use the recording sheet as a way for students to practice writing their letters. There are so many ways to differentiate learning with Letter Salad! 
I hope your students enjoy learning the alphabet and tossing Letter Salad!
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