Target Tuesday

Target Tuesday Chalkboard Blocks

You’ve probably seen these cute chalkboard blocks at Target’s Bullseye Playground and wondered what to do with them!

Use them in your writing center!  Just let your students use a piece of chalk to write letters on each side of the block. Kids will love taking their blocks to spell their name or a friend’s name.  They can also make CVC words or spell simple sight words.
These chalkboard blocks are also a quick & fun assessment tool!  Write uppercase or lowercase letters on the blocks and ask a student to roll the letter “dice”.  Have the child identify the letter or sound.  Or for your math evaluations, write numerals on the blocks and have the student count out that many objects.
Another idea is to take the chalkboard blocks and create a personalized name sign for the teacher!


I used a white paint pen but you could use either white or colored chalk to write your letters. 

If you don’t like the way your handwriting looks, you could use a set of cute alphabet stickers for your name instead!
Since I had an extra block, I decided to decorate it with an apple sticker. 
Next, I hot-glued all my blocks so they’ll stay together but that’s really optional.
Can’t wait for school to start so I can put my chalkboard name on the small bookcase behind my Teacher Table!