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10 Earth Day Preschool Activities

Are you looking for quick & easy Earth Day preschool activities? These ten ideas are simple to prepare and will keep your students excited as they learn how to take care of the Earth!
1. Earth Day Sensory BinI used dried beans for the filler and then went crazy with the Earth Day theme. You’ll find plastic milk jug lids, styrofoam egg cartons, measuring scoops, and even a miniature trashcan and recycling bin in this sensory table! If you don’t want to use the dried beans, shredded newspaper makes a very earth-friendly filler.
Earth Day Sensory Bin
2. Recycle Kid ArtWatch the imaginations unfold as your preschoolers make a Recycled Kid using a variety of reusable materials!

The prep for this is super easy, too! Simply cut a variety of shapes from old magazines, grocery store ads, and food packages and then grab crayons, scissors, and glue. Let the recycling and creating begin!

Recycled Art
3. Dramatic Play Recycling Box—Bring Earth Day into your Dramatic Center with this Recycling Box! Students will love sorting things into the recycling box just like they see at home! My teacher friend, Melissa, covered a cardboard box with green bulletin board paper and added a recycling logo she found in Google images. She saved food boxes, plastic bottles, and cardboard tubes for her students to recycle as they played in the Dramatic Play kitchen area. What a great experience to teach youngsters about recycling!

Earth Day Preschool activities
4. Earth Day Books—Here are some great books about taking care of the Earth, recycling, and how we can do our part. 
5. Earth Day Fingerpainting—Get out the paints in shades of blues and greens for this one! It’s such a simple activity but your preschoolers will love it!
6. Recycled Crayons—By the time Earth Day rolls around, your classroom crayon supply might be looking a little worn down. Take those old crayons and recycle them into beautiful new ones! Gather the green and blue crayons you want to recycle. Then, have your students peel off the old wrappers and break the crayons into smaller pieces. Place the broken pieces in a silicone muffin tray and bake at 225 degrees for about 15 minutes. Check your oven often as the crayons are baking. Once they are melted, carefully remove the tray from the oven, allow the crayons to cool and harden, then pop the crayons out of the tray. Your new recycled colors will be a favorite in the art center! 
7. Earth Day Scavenger Hunt—Get outside and have an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt! Your students will be thrilled when they find everything on their checklist! You can also use the picture cards and have the scavenger hunt inside your classroom!

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

8. Earth Day Handprint—You’ll love this so much you’ll want to keep it on display ’til the end of school! Cut a huge circle out of white bulletin board paper and have your students decorate it with green and blue handprints! Remember, every day is Earth Day!

9. Go Take a Hike—Earth Day is the perfect time for a walk around your school campus or visit a nearby park! Go slow, take your time, and enjoy the Earth! 

10. Have a Reading Picnic—Pack a basket of your favorite Earth Day books instead of lunch and find a shady spot for a Reading Picnic! Your class will never forget the joy of taking school outside on Earth Day!

I remember celebrating Earth Day with my first class back in 1989. I hope some of the things they learned over 30 years ago are good habits now. And I hope these Earth Day preschool activities will make an impact on your students and on our Earth, too. 

Happy Earth Day!