Mother's Day

Easy-to-Make Mother’s Day Gifts

Are you in a frenzy because Mother’s Day is just days away and you have absolutely no idea what your students will do? No worries because you can celebrate moms, grandmothers, and other special ladies with these easy-to-make Mother’s Day gifts!

Oil Pastel Flower


I had my class create these gorgeous Oil Pastel Flowers the past several years. They always turn out so pretty and the moms really LOVE them! You can buy the artist’s canvas at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby but I’ve actually found them at the Dollar Tree, too! Isn’t that amazing? 

You can use any size canvas but this year we decorated 5×7 pieces.  First, I had the kids practice drawing a big flower on a dry erase board.  This step helps them understand it needs to be a big drawing so they can fill in the inside of the flower. After we’ve practiced a little, have the child use a permanent marker to draw the flower design on the canvas. Next, use oil pastels to color the flower details. The final step is to add a background color. This step can be done with watercolors but I’ve also used tempera paint with a few drops of water added to it. You want it to be a little thinner than usual but not runny. I can’t wait for the mothers to get their Oil Pastel Flowers!

Easy-to-Make Beaded Bracelet

Perhaps mom would like a fashionable Beaded Bracelet! Students can use the regular pony beads from your craft cabinet. But if you want to splurge just a little, then look for a package of true jewelry beads which are more polished and less plastic. 

Easy-to-Make Mother’s Day Gifts Using Flowers

Snap a quick photo of each child in your class holding a bunch of colorful flowers (real or fake). Then put the photo in a simple silver frame from the dollar store. So easy and makes such a wonderful keepsake! 

Here’s a practical and cute Mother’s Day idea…a Floral Tote Bag made by painting with real flowers! Even your youngest pupils can create this sweet gift. These were done by a class of two year olds! The toddlers dipped real pansies into trays of fabric paint and then printed on the canvas tote bag. You know mom would love to carry this bag around while running errands!

Mother’s Day Art Show Extravaganza

If you’ve been saving a sampling of your students’ art for the end of the year or to put in a portfolio, why not hang and display it for a Mother’s Day Art Show!

Easy-to-Make Mother’s Day Gifts for the Kitchen

Ask your class if mom is a good cook and then have them explain how she cooks their favorite dish. Write down the recipe word for word. Their responses will be quite entertaining! Some years I compiled all the recipes into a Mother’s Day Cookbook and other times the kids crafted a Mother’s Day Recipe Pot! The recipe pots are basic clay flower pots that have been painted with stripes of colorful tempera paint. Then, after the paint dries, add a coat or two of Modge Podge to seal the paint and prevent chipping. A card featuring mom’s recipe can be glued to a large craft stick and placed in the pot with a base of shredded paper to hold it in place. These will be displayed proudly in every mom’s kitchen!

Here’s a Mother’s Day treasure that won’t wither or wilt! You’ll need a variety of spring flowers (from a garden center or the grocery store floral department), some clear contact paper, and cardstock/construction paper for each child to make a Mother’s Day Suncatcher

Lay a small piece of contact paper on the table and have the students stick down flower petals of their choice. Once they’ve covered the contact paper with petals, add a frame made from cardstock or construction paper, and laminate. These flower petal Suncatchers can be hung in a window where mom will be reminded of her little one who made it especially for her!

Be sure to check out my Celebrate Mom resource on Teachers Pay Teachers! EVERYTHING you’ll need to create something special for mom is there!