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The Cutest Pre-K Valentine Activities

prek valentine activities

I can still remember the excitement of Valentine’s Day when I was a kid! Decorating my paper bag mailbox, folding and cutting hearts, and, of course, getting a heart-shaped lollipop with cupid on it! Make sure to include these Pre-K Valentine activities and help create those same great memories for your students, too.

You've Got Valentine Mail

Valentine Mailbox Writing Center

Set up this cute center so your class can practice writing the alphabet when they check the mail! Put the envelope letter cards in a little mailbox and provide a shallow tray filled with colored sand or salt. You can also use rice or confetti as a writing tray filler. Students can make the uppercase and lowercase letters with their fingers in the tray or they can record the letters on the heart printable

Valentine Sensory Fun

pre k valentine activities for letters

Get the senses involved as students search for the alphabet in your class sensory table!

For the sensory filler, I used chickpeas in pretty valentine colors. To dye the dried beans (rice and pasta works great, too) you’ll need 1-2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and food coloring or liquid watercolor. First, put the rubbing alcohol and the color of your choice in a large plastic bag. Next, add the dried beans and seal the bag. Then, mix it together. Shake, shake, shake to mix! Finally, spread the colored beans on newspaper to dry. 

Once your filler has dried, put it in the sensory table along with silky rose petals, rubber bouncy balls, and heart-shaped cookie cutters (all from the dollar store). Add your alphabet letters and hide them among the filler. I used a puzzle from my alphabet center but you could also use magnetic letters, letter tiles, or alphabet flashcards. Invite students to search the sensory table and hunt for letters!

Pre-K Valentine Activities for Small Groups

pre-k valentine activities for small groups
pre-k valentine activities for small groups

Do you need engaging Pre-K Valentine activities for small groups? Here’s one of my favorites!

Cover your teacher table with bulletin board paper and draw large hearts all over it. Write letters inside the hearts. You can focus on just one letter or as many as you want. If your students are working on sight words, write those in the hearts. 

Have students match uppercase and lowercase letters. Ask them to find pictures that begin with the letter. Use dot markers to outline the letter. They can practice writing or use stamps for even more alphabet fun. The possibilities are endless!

Heart Rhyming Activity for Preschoolers

Matching rhyming hearts is a great literacy activity for your preschoolers! When I do this matching game at my small group table, I start with just a few sets of rhyming hearts. As the kids master finding the rhyming pieces, I add several more hearts to the table.

Matching rhyming hearts is great for small groups, morning Table Time, or as an independent center.

Pre-K Valentine Activities for Teaching Kindness

Teaching Kindness goes along perfectly with Valentine’s Day! These little kindness cards can be used as a fun memory matching game. You can also use them as a discussion starter at your circle time. Read books about being kind at school and make your own, too. And be sure to reward the acts of kindness you observe in the classroom! 

prek valentine activities

I hope these Pre-K Valentine activities give you many ways to celebrate! Come join me at the Learning at the Teacher Table Facebook page for more tips & ideas! Happy Valentine’s Day!