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    The Cutest Pre-K Valentine Activities

    I can still remember the excitement of Valentine’s Day when I was a kid! Decorating my paper bag mailbox, folding and cutting hearts, and, of course, getting a heart-shaped lollipop with cupid on it! Make sure to include these Pre-K Valentine activities and help create those same great memories for your students, too. You’ve Got Valentine Mail Set up this cute center so your class can practice writing the alphabet when they check the mail! Put the envelope letter cards in a little mailbox and provide a shallow tray filled with colored sand or salt. You can also use rice or confetti as a writing tray filler. Students can make…

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    Each week in the Writing Center we have a couple of “must do” activities.  One of the tasks this week is what I call Pick-Stamp-Write!   First, the children PICK an alphabet flash card. Next, they STAMP the letter. And finally, they WRITE the letter.   It’s such an easy center to set up! The kids love using stamps and they get some writing practice in, too!  

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    Target Tuesday Valentine Mailboxes

    It’s Target Tuesday and there’s still time to grab one or two of those adorable little metal mailboxes from Bulleye’s Playground!     I bought my mailboxes last year but all of the local Target stores have them this season, too. You’ll find shiny tins, classic red, pretty pink, as well as mailboxes covered with festive hearts.    My class was due for a review of sight words so I made cards to use during small groups. I put a stack of word cards in the mailboxes and provided each student with a recording sheet. The kids LOVED pulling cards out of the mailbox, reading the word, and writing it! I LOVED how much fun…