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I’m finally blogging!

Welcome to Learning at the Teacher Table!
I have wanted a teacher blog for a long, long time.  I’ve thought about things I could post, pictures I’d take, parties I would join, blogging friends I might make.  My fear of the unknown…otherwise known as the technology of how to blog…was all that was holding me back.  But I’m ready now, after reading and researching, asking questions and seeking advice…here I go!
Picking a name for this blog was harder than naming my son! I finally decided on Learning at the Teacher Table. Each day I call students over for their turn at the Teacher Table and I’ve realized the impact made on them during small group instruction. The best part is that my students love coming to the Teacher Table.  It seems to be some of their favorite memories of me and school!
This fellow drew our red Teacher Table and found every word he needed for his sentence somewhere around the classroom.

While this little sweetie drew our table arrangement.  It’s where the learning takes place.  It’s Learning at the Teacher Table!
I’m finally blogging!

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