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    Setting Up a Preschool Small Groups Area

    Preschool small groups are my favorite thing! I love sitting with only a few students and doing a fun activity with them. You can really get to know your students better and meet their needs when you’re at the teacher table with a small group. So let’s look at how to set up the perfect preschool small groups area in your classroom! WHERE SHOULD I PUT MY SMALL GROUP AREA? One of the most important decisions to make about your classroom layout is where to put the small group table. First of all, it’s a must to have a good view of the entire room.  Sit down at the table…

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    My Classroom Tour 2015

    Welcome to My Classroom!  This is my third year teaching a Young 5’s class (similar to transitional kindergarten) and it’s the third time I’ve changed rooms!  I enjoy planning where everything will go, setting up the room, and seeing it all come together.  I’m thrilled with the outcome this year so please come on in and take a look around! The blank slate I started with… Transformed into a wonderful classroom I love being in… This room is the largest in my preschool so I’m VERY lucky to have all the space.  And I’m closest to the bathrooms!  Another plus!  If there’s any downfall to the room, it’s the fact there are three…

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    Ooops! It’s Five for Fraturday!

    Like every other teacher I know, my mind and body are going in a dozen different directions! Joining the Five for Friday party a day late but happy I can share a peek at my week! Monday I went to my son’s Curriculum Night.  He’s a high school junior in his third year of French.  As the teacher rattled off information in French, I zoned out a little and simply enjoyed the décor of the classroom.      It’s officially preplanning so I spent the majority of this week working in my room.  It’s still not done but here’s a small glimpse where we’ll have Morning Meeting. I added some chalkboard themed pieces this…