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Ooops! It’s Five for Fraturday!

Like every other teacher I know, my mind and body are going in a dozen different directions! Joining the Five for Friday party a day late but happy I can share a peek at my week!

Monday I went to my son’s Curriculum Night.  He’s a high school junior in his third year of French.  As the teacher rattled off information in French, I zoned out a little and simply enjoyed the décor of the classroom.   
It’s officially preplanning so I spent the majority of this week working in my room.  It’s still not done but here’s a small glimpse where we’ll have Morning Meeting. I added some chalkboard themed pieces this year but I kept my favorite teal dotted borders.  I really like how the teal pops against the black background and I love the simplicity of the alphabet line. It’s all coming together! 

I was invited to lead a workshop at an Atlanta metro preschool on Friday. The staff of 38 teachers welcomed me with delight and excitement and hopefully left with ideas and inspiration.  We started with oodles of ways to learn names, discovered pumpkin activities across the curriculum, and had fun with our five senses.  Here’s a few name activities I shared.

I admit it was challenging to fit a workshop in the midst of my preplanning but I was actually able to kill two birds with one stone as I used my new class list to prep some of the samples for the workshop! Here are the name clothespin clips and name unifix cubes we’ll soon be using at school.

 My husband bought me some school supplies

and, of course, he got GREAT deals!

I enjoy watching my Braves (win or lose) and my hubby is looking forward to college football season…but this still describes my family!

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