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Five for Friday – The BIG Room

I’ve missed the last few Five for Friday linky parties but am happy to share today! 

My preplanning doesn’t officially start until Monday the 24th but I went in a few days this week to get a head start.  Here’s what I saw when I walked in. 
I’m moving rooms again this year but I really don’t mind.  I enjoy planning the layout and organizing everything.  I’m also getting what’s referred to as “the BIG room” by my peers.  What teacher doesn’t want more space? The room is great.  It’s nice and big and gives me so much more space than I’ve had in the past.  But it’s somewhat challenging as it has not just one…not even two… but THREE doors.  Oh, and those THREE doors open into THREE different hallways.
One major perk is that the BIG room has a loft area which I’m really excited about! In all my years of teaching, I’ve never had a loft in a classroom.  This one doesn’t actually give you more space since it’s not that high off the floor.  It’s a fun little area and I know the kids will love it. I’m still deciding but it will either house the Listening center or a Game center.  Does your room have a loft?
Like most teachers, I’ve done my fair share of school shopping recently.  My neighbor and I made the trek over to Lakeshore and enjoyed a morning in teacher shopping heaven!   
My shopping list included journals and dry erase boards but I always like browsing the store to get ideas and inspiration.
Here are the journals I bought.  I used them successfully in kindergarten and now with my Young 5’s class.  I love these journals! 
I was also lucky enough to go to Ikea with two of my coworkers last week.  We strolled through the entire store and found quite a few goodies for our classrooms.   We also ran into a couple of teachers from our school!  Wouldn’t it be great if Ikea had a special department just for teachers?
As much as I loved Lakeshore and Ikea…there’s nothing like finding a bargain at a garage sale!

I had been on the hunt for a small table to use in my art center.  Most of the little tables I’d seen didn’t seem sturdy enough for classroom use so when the hubby found this one at a Montessori garage sale, I knew it was the one!  The table was marked $25 but since the sale was closing down soon, he negotiated and we got it for only $20.  What a deal! 
I’m making progress setting up the BIG room. The homeliving/dramatic play area is coming together just as I envisoned. I’m loving how the Ikea black & white dotted rug grounds everything and defines the space.
Here’s where Learning at the Teacher Table will take place!  My word wall will be above the teacher table and the alphabet center is to the right side.  There’s still LOTS to do next week but I’m happy with how it’s turned out so far.
 Hope you have a great weekend! 
I’m going to a bridal shower for one of my bestest friends
and watching my son play in three hockey scrimmages! 
Life is full and life is good!
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  • Amanda

    I love the table and benches you have at your dramatic play center. I don't have a loft and haven't ever, but my ceilings are really high and I think my kiddos would love it. Even if yours isn't high, I think you could have some great storage under there if you need it. You could put some cute curtains around the bottom of the loft to hide the storage. Have a great weekend!

    A Very Curious Class