Monday Made It,  Teacher Binder

Monday Made It – Teacher Binder

Joining one of my favorite summer linky parties over at 4th Grade Frolics.   

I always find a ton of cute ideas & get so inspired from everyone’s Monday Made It posts…now to just find the time to do it all!

First of all, I “made it” back from the I Teach K conference and Vegas!  I’ll share some of the 800+ photos I took plus a few tips from the workshops later this week!

The real “made it” was getting everything updated in my Teacher Binder.  First, I used odds & ends of school-themed scrapbook paper to create a new cover.  I like to keep a folder of paper scraps for little projects like this.

Next, I printed a set of monthly calendar pages from Kindergarten Works.  I’ve used these for several years now…love the big boxes, simple format, and the fact it’s FREE!  If you’re new to the whole concept of Teacher Binders, take a look at Kindergarten Works planning basics to get you started.
To customize my Teacher Binder, I ran sheets of notebook paper through the printer so I’ll be ready to take notes at monthly staff meetings & grade level meetings. 

I also like to keep track of the receipts I’ve submitted for reimbursement so I typed up a form for that, too.  It’s easy to jot down the basic info and then check it off  when the reimbursement check comes in. 
Feels so good to get my binder organized and ready!