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Book Talk Tuesday – From ABC to XYZ


I dearly love all kinds of children’s books!   So today, I’m linking up with Mrs. Jump’s Class Book Talk to share one of my favorites!
Here’s the library of over 1,000 titles I’ve collected to use in my classroom…
You know what I never pass up at the Barnes & Noble bargain table, the used book store,  a neighborhood yard sale, or the local shelves of Goodwill???
Books…  Books… Books! 

Alphabet Books are extra, extra, EXTRA special to me.   I use them in the classroom to teach…well, to teach the alphabet.  Of course.  Even once my kids know all their letters & sounds and they’re well on their way to becoming readers, the  Alphabet basket is quite popular when it’s time to settle down on the reading rug. Every 3 or 4 weeks I swap out the Alphabet books to keep it fresh and interesting.  Here’s my always-growing stash of Alphabet books…
Yes, that top shelf is beginning to sag a bit from the weight of all these wonderful books!  There are Alphabet books based on just about any subject you can think of…seasons, friends, feelings, animals, art, and nature.  Some have photographs while others are full of creative drawings.  Many books contain rhymes and some  have no words at all. 

One of my favorite Alphabet books to explore with a class is Alphabet City by Stephen T. Johnson.


It’s a wordless book that quickly grabs your attention and draws you in page after page.  The kids practically crawl into the book as they get excited from finding each letter!  Every page is simply captivating! 
Here are D and E… 
made from a garden’s edging and a traffic light!
J and K…
made from ornamental ironwork and pipes!
U and V…
made from a brick wall and telephone poles!
Alphabet books are much MORE than just letters! 
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