Sight Words,  Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday – Spool & Spell

Still working on that post to share my I Teach K experiences but I wanted to jump in real quick to join Greg over at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard for his Summer with Smorkie Thrifty Thursday!

I can officially call him Greg since we’ve shared the Photo Booth.  I’m sure he remembers me…along with the other gazillion teachers he met in Vegas at the conference!  Oh, and yes, he really is THAT nice and just as inspirational as you would expect him to be!

When most people, like my new friend Greg, think “thrifty”  they  think about the Dollar Store.  I definitely buy my fair share of Dollar Store delights just like most teachers.  But when I really want to be  as “thrifty” as possible, I think of  yard sales where I can get two or three things, maybe even MORE, for  only a DOLLAR! 
I recently purchased this preschool toy from a neighborhood yard sale.  A classic lacing activity.  Spools & lacing yarn.  A nice addition to any classroom. 

I opened the lid, quickly counted ensuring all the pieces were there, and paid the nice lady.
 That’s 25 cents, friends!  Yes, I got it for only a quarter!
You know you could use this just as a lacing task to work on fine motor skills.  But I wanted more than that! Since I’m always on the hunt for fun sight word activities, I decided to turn it into a  “Spool & Spell”! 
I typed up my letters and Modge Podged them on the spools.
My students will be able to lace their letters and spell a sight word!

And all while they’re practicing their fine motor skills. 
And for just a quarter!

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