Five for Friday

Five for Friday – Finishing Up Summer

It’s a rainy Friday morning in GA but I’m starting it out with Doodle Bugs Teaching! 

I went by school this week to take a peek at my new room.  The floors were waxed this summer and everything had been moved out so I was expecting to see an empty space.  Instead, I found this heaping pile…

Funny thing is that most…almost ALL… of that stuff doesn’t even belong in this room!  So I’ll have a lot of sorting, moving, cleaning to do before I really can get started setting up with what actually should be there. 

I took time to measure the dimensions of the space and began planning where everything will go.  I know many teachers simply put things in place one time and their room looks great.  Others move their furniture around many, many times figuring it out by trial & error.  Me?  I like to draw a floor plan and work out my space on paper before I ever move any furniture.  I spend a great deal of time (more than I probably should) staring at my floor plan, thinking about the flow, envisioning how the classroom will function.  Sometimes I’m right on with my design and it all falls into place.  And sometimes, my plan is so far off the actual scale of the room that I end up in a maze of tables and shelves with no clue where anything will go! 

Last night I worked on my Word Family binder.  I took all my various resources (flash cards, pages from teacher books, TPT skill sheets) and sorted them by the word family into page protectors.  I know this will help when planning to have everything in one central spot. We all know there’s nothing more frustrating than finishing a skill/unit only to find resources you’d forgotten about!
I received my beautiful Show & Tell Apron from Sandy at Kinder-Gardening.  It’s amazingly adorable!  I’m really not sure if I can wait til school begins to wear it!  Check out Sandy’s cute little homemade thank you card wrapped around the apron!

My son goes back to school Monday.  Summer is finished for me even though my school doesn’t begin until September.  To celebrate (or maybe to commiserate), we’re going to his favorite restaurant for lunch.  P.F. Chang’s here we come! 
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  • Kathleen Wright

    I've got that same apron from Sandy… I'm going to use it for some teacher PD I'm giving 🙂 See ya. Kathleen
    It's a super good one… hope lots of teachers find out about it! Thanks for stopping by. Kathleen

  • Carolyn Kisloski

    Hi Donna! I hope you had a ball at PF Changs! And…I can totally relate to the way your room looks and the part about taking forever to get it the way you want. 🙂 I have one of Sandy's aprons, too. The kids just LOVE it! Have a great year.