Monday Made It,  Science Journal

Monday Made It – Getting Ready

I’m enjoying seeing what everyone is making and how their classrooms are coming together.  Isn’t it odd how doing so much work…so much prep…so much extra stuff…is still so much fun?!?!?! 
I love Back to School time!  Let’s join Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for another busy Made It Monday!
My first project is the Brag Tags from Elyse’s A-Is-For-Apples TPT store.  Elyse creates the BEST Brag Tags and has been super sweet to answer my questions of how she manages her Brag Tag system. I printed ALL the tags I think I’ll need for the entire year.  It will be easier in the long run to have them ready to go, right?  Print, laminate, cut, punch a hole, DONE!  I’m a very thrifty laminating gal so I actually cut a page here & there in order to make my laminating sheets full.

The only thing I have to do now is buy a plastic storage box at Hobby Lobby to keep all the tags organized.  I think my little class will LOVE collecting Brag Tags throughout the year!
I finished assembling my Word Family Binder.  It contains all the various things I use to teach Word Families.  No more forgotten resources because they were in different files & shelves!  I cut some of my resource books apart and filed them in page protectors. Now it will be easy to grab what I need, go to the copier, and file it back in the binder.  Word Family cards, samples of crafts, and miscellaneous skill sheets are also included in my binder pages.

Next on my To Do list…Science Journals.  Mine are so simple yet they’re a favorite of both the kids and me!  All I do is take a basic composition book and hot glue a Science Journal cover on the front.  I made the cover using black line drawing clip art, matted it on black cardstock, and laminated.  Oh, and those nice corners were made with an old scrapbook corner rounder!  It’s certainly nothing fancy but we use them on a weekly basis to reinforce whatever concepts we’re learning.   
Last of all, I made my Floor Plan!  I stopped by school and saw my newly assigned room, took measurements, then started thinking how I can best use the space.  It’s not a huge classroom by any means…only 14×23…but that’s bigger than where I was last year so I’m excited! 

Teachers don’t report ’til the 18th for prep & set-up but I’m planning to go in a few times this week to move furniture around and see if the plan I’ve envisioned actually works.  Stay tuned!
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