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Five for Friday: It’s a Wrap!

That’s right!  “It’s a wrap” at my school!  Our final graduation scene is over and the credits are slowly rolling for the end of a great school year.  This has been a crazy, busy, exciting week so I’ll share a few highlights with you and Doodle Bugs Teaching linky party.

Last Friday we had our end of year celebration at a local park.  Nothing elaborate…just plain & simple fun!  The kids played…we ate a yummy picnic lunch…water balloons were tossed…and they surprised me with an early birthday treat!  An adorable photo cake!
One of my favorite end of the year activities is cleaning out our Imagination Box!  Throughout the school year, we add bits & pieces of leftover art supplies to the box.  Earlier this week, I gave each student a plateful of supplies and they got busy creating their masterpieces.  Any administrator who thinks art is a waste of time and has no educational value hasn’t seen my class using the Imagination Box!   

As if the last week of school wasn’t hectic enough, I had a low grade fever and an upper respiratory infection.  Then I got stung by a wasp.  Evidently, I was stung repeatedly even though I never felt a thing.  My arm very quickly turned hot, red, swollen, and blotchy.  A quick trip to my Urgent Care doctor during the last day of school wasn’t in my lesson plans but I survived and made it to preschool graduation later that night!


Beautiful and thoughtful gifts from our students and their families!  

Even better than the wonderful gifts are moments like this…

I’ll be back on the blog (once my room is packed and cleaned) with a post on my memory books I made for each student!  Get ready…it will be a photo-filled post!

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