Five for Friday,  Resource Room

Five for Friday: Packing & Moving

It’s Friday and it’s time for Doodlebugs Teaching “Five for Friday” Linky Party!
At my school, we are required to remove everything from our classrooms for summer.  Everything.  Yes, that’s right… everything! Here’s a photo while we were in the midst of packing up…
When we’re finished, only a couple stacks of chairs and a few tables are left.  All the wooden storage units, play kitchen set, and bookshelves are moved down the hall so our custodian can wax floors over the summer. Bless his heart, it’s quite a task.  So, all personal items have to be packed up and moved out.  It only took me two trips this year to get mine home!  All this week, I’ve been sorting, cleaning, purging, and organizing my resources I brought home.  It’s a task for sure but it makes me rethink my teaching. 
Here’s what everything looks like in my basement. My husband calls this my “resource room”. 
We had custom shelving built a few years ago and it’s made life wonderful to have a dedicated space for all my teacher stuff.  And yes, I know how lucky I am! The bulk of everything stays here during the school year and I “shop” from it each week.  Sometimes I feel like all I do is carry stuff back and forth to school but it’s a great set-up for me.  Would you like to see more of my “resource room”?  I could try to do a blog post on my room although it’s a tight fit to get pictures in there!
Having lunch on the deck was a nice treat this week.  Very different than lunch at school!  LOL!  I ate the same kinds of things I usually do but I sure missed the little conversations all around me.
After a couple days of good soaking rains these pepper plants seemed to double in size the next day!  I planted more herbs than last year and have already been enjoying those. Made the best spaghetti sauce this week using some fresh basil and oregano from my potted herbs! Do you have a little garden?  I love tending to mine, watching it grow, and putting it into our meals.
Look at this wonderful forecast!  We’re having unusually milder temps and low humidity for the south so my plan is to enjoy before the sweltering summer heat really hits us!


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  • Leslie

    Yes, please! I would love to see pictures of your resource room!

    I, too, am from the south. Can people who live in other parts of the country fully appreciate "low humidity" like we do? 🙂

  • Donna

    Leslie, I'm working on a big post now about my end of the year memory books but will start on the resource room after that. And yes, most parts of the country probably have no idea what 99% humidity feels like. I wish we didn't know!