Memorial Day BBQ & Macaroni Salad

It’s a beautiful Memorial Day in the south.  Flags are waving…white puffy clouds are filling the sky…and our backyard is ready for a BBQ for a few friends and my inlaws who are visiting from South Carolina.
The hubby is taking care of the ribs while I’m in charge of the side dishes…corn on the cob, crock pot baked beans, and my favorite macaroni salad.  I’ve used this recipe from the Pioneer Woman on several occasions and I’m always happy with the results.  This time I used bow tie pasta instead of the traditional macaroni noodles.   
The original recipe calls for olives but nobody in my family likes them so I leave them out.  Here’s my pile of chopped sweet pickles, green onions, and roasted red peppers.  It’s very easy to assemble all the ingredients while the pasta cooks.
The roasted peppers are definitely part of the secret charm of this recipe.  I remember my grandmother making macaroni salad with chopped pimentos.  As good as her macaroni salad was…the red peppers in this recipe make it much tastier.
The other secret of Pioneer Woman’s version is the dressing.  I save the juice from the jar of roasted red peppers and use a healthy dash of pickle juice, too. I always make a little extra dressing and stir it in right before serving the salad.
Here’s the finished macaroni salad!  It makes for a very pretty bowl on the picnic table with all the bright colors!
 All that’s left is for me to mix up a quick peach cobbler.  This recipe is a traditional one I found in Southern Living magazine several years ago and I remember it from when I was a kid.  You know it’s officially summer when you have homemade peach cobbler in the south! 

Happy Memorial Day!

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  • Amanda

    Looks delicious! My mom and I visited Savannah a few summers ago, and all my mom wanted was a slice of peach pie. We couldn't find it anywhere. I'll have to give the macaroni salad a try; it looks good! Have a great week!