• How to set up preschool small groups area
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    Setting Up a Preschool Small Groups Area

    Preschool small groups are my favorite thing! I love sitting with only a few students and doing a fun activity with them. You can really get to know your students better and meet their needs when you’re at the teacher table with a small group. So let’s look at how to set up the perfect preschool small groups area in your classroom! WHERE SHOULD I PUT MY SMALL GROUP AREA? One of the most important decisions to make about your classroom layout is where to put the small group table. First of all, it’s a must to have a good view of the entire room.  Sit down at the table…

  • DIY preschool math activities for spring
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    Easy DIY Spring Math Activities for Preschool

    Not enough time for crafting your own learning games? Then let your students make them! These spring math activities for preschool are simple do-it-yourself projects your class can help you create!  Easy Number Sense Activities Just how easy are these number sense activities? Well, first of all, everything you need is probably in your supply cabinet.  Second, you won’t have to spend your entire weekend prepping for next week. And finally, your students will be over the moon excited to use all the things they helped make! These beautiful Counting Mats are my favorite DIY project! Perfect for Spring, Earth Day, or an ocean unit!  You’ll need white cardstock, blue…

  • Parent Teacher Conference

    3 Steps to Shine at a Parent Teacher Conference

    A parent teacher conference doesn’t need to be faced with dread and fear. Start with the best way to assess and a teacher parent conference form that’s perfect for preschool. Then follow my tips for teachers to shine at conference time! The BEST Assessment for Preschoolers Are you ready for this? The best assessment for preschoolers is not marking an X on a checklist. It’s not flipping through a set of flashcards. And it’s definitely not a quick scramble asking what a child knows the day before a parent teacher conference. The BEST assessment for preschoolers is informal and natural observation. Assessing your students on a regular basis will show…